Sunday, February 20, 2011



It’s hard to peel off the hologram sticker. It’s difficult to remove the hologram sticker on genuine racquets due to the special glue used.  With counterfeit racquets the hologram sticker is easy to peel off with your nail.

 *1: Counterfeit hologram stickers are easily to peel like above.


Please check the YONEX logos. andare printed clearly. The [O] in YONEX on counterfeit racquets is often wide and round, with a larger space inside the [O].

Please check the production numbers on the racquet cap.All genuine racquets have laser engraved production codes on the cap above the handle.

 *3: Production codes are laser engraved.*4: Numbers are only printed (not engraved).


Please check the colour of butt cap.If you already have a genuine racquet, please compare the butt caps colour. A counterfeit racquet will often be a different shade of green, too light or too dark.

 *5: In the case of this counterfeit, it is a lighter green than the genuine racquet. Also the shape of  logo is different compared to the genuine racquet.

21/02/11 - Info untuk korang determinekan camner nak detect racket yg korang beli tuh ori or imitations mandai2 la buat pilihan sblum membeli...

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